Last update : 26.10.2003

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the MP3 project

...or how to build your own MP3 player

Actual status of the project

Final version : done

News :

21/07/02 : Pictures of the final player are available in the misc section !

20/06/02 : FINAL PCB IS WORKING ! Pictures will be soon available.
The next goal is to add an USB interface.

05/05/02 : New pictures in the misc section !
A preliminary schematics is now available online !

02/05/02 : Final PCB under development. An USB interface, a RS232 interface and a jack output have been added.
One of the 74ACT245 is swaped with a 74F543 to allow HD writing

17/04/02 : Final interface works !
Here is a first (bad) photo of the prototype.

17/04/02 : Basic interface works !
The player is operationnal.
I will post pictures very soon.

10/04/02 : I2C ROM implemented and work well.

31/03/02 : I decide to use an I2C memory from Microchip to save a reformatted FAT table.

25/03/02 : FIRST MP3 PLAYED !!!
Very good sound.

21/03/02 : Electrical issues and adressing issues with ATA interface resolved.

30/11/01 : Able to send a file to the MAS from the HD. Some electrical issues with the board.

21/11/01 : Problems with HD access routines.

25/08/01 : The MAS is alive.

18/08/01 : The MAS datasheet is obscure.

18/08/01 : We killed our HD !

16/08/01 : the site is online !

Hi, welcome on this site.
You will find here every-
thing about our MP3
Player Project in

The project was done
during years 2001-2002.
It is now closed ans this
site remains only for
information purpose.

Good surf...

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